Making Contact Team


Rob Freeman

Rob was just 12 years old, when he saw the unexplainable from the roof of his parent’s house, with a self-made sky watching kit. In 2015, Rob Freeman founded CSSAA (Centre for the Scientific Study of Atmospheric Anomalies) to globally investigate and document anomalous activity, all in real time, but now with a state-of-the-art sky watching kit.


Lissette Rodriguez

Lissette has been seeing the world through a camera and has a real love and passion for night and travel photography. As a Multimedia Producer, for Dream Big Multimedia, her passion is expressing the memory within the moment and telling a story with every picture. Now, with a keen understanding of state-of-the-art equipment, she has been able to build on her skywatching skill set, and capture amazing photographs of unidentified objects in the sky.


Mark McNabb

Mark has been compelled to tell emotional stories, for as long as he can remember. As a Producer for Skylight Films, Mark’s vision lies strongly in his belief that to be creative is to be inspiring. Every imagined idea needs to tell a unique and powerful story so that something new and exciting is experienced. Now, he has also learned various CE-5 meditation techniques and deepened his conscious connections, all in order to further himself on this new life path.


CSSAA / Skylight Films / Dream Big Multimedia

CSSAA, Skylight Films, and Dream Big Multimedia are partnered, as the Making Contact Project, to connect to the experts, scientists and experiencers of the world to uncover the mysteries of the universe. For the Making Contact Project Team, our mission within the field of ufology is one of scientific discovery, analysis, and the rigorous pursuit to understand the UFO phenomenon.

Currently spanning over 11 countries, and 30 cities, the Making Contact Project Team, with over 500 recorded hours of skywatching, and in access of more than 100 interviews, conducted with experts in the world of ufology, takes pride on being committed and actively in-the-field.