Making Contact Presentations

Attend Making Contact Presentations, and learn about several of our current publicized global sightings, latest research findings, interviews with the top experts in their field, up to date discussions on UFO/ET disclosure around the world, and all with a full Question and Answer.

As part of the Making Contact Presentations you will enjoy a screening of Making Contact: Be inspired, a full-length factual-documentary, that will take viewers around the world, with the Making Contact Project Team. You will explore the mysteries of the universe, and travel deep into the minds of ET experiencers, as well as renowned ufologists, scientists, and their world-changing discoveries.


Following a Making Contact Presentation, experience an open CE-5/ET Contact skywatch session, utilizing state-of-the-art technology combined with an immersive CE5 learning/connection experience.


We have travelled to over 11 countries and 30 cities, collecting up-to-date information and real-time sightings and our focus is to introduce our experiences and findings to the world. We have assembled:

  • A 1-hour presentation of our materials, that include several notable as well as publicized sightings, with a full Q&A.
  • A video screening that not only highlights our findings, but also takes you deep into the minds of renowned ufologists, scientists and their world-changing discoveries
  • An open CE-5/skywatch event, utilizing state-of-the-art skywatching technology combined with an immersive CE-5 learning/connection experience


Here is a link to our project, throughout various social media, one of our latest sightings, following a skywatch in Vancouver, British Columbia: