Through the Making Contact Documentary Production Series, and starting with Making Contact: Be Inspired, you can follow these in-the-field investigative teams, on real-time adventures around the world, exploring and experiencing the mysteries of the universe and their connections to the human mind.


Within each Making Contact Documentary, you will go one-on-one with the experts, and deep into the minds of renowned ufologists, scientists and their world-changing discoveries. Be prepared for an immersive learning experience, on all the latest contact techniques and state-of-the-art skywatching technology. As well, you will witness, first-hand, how the ordinary is experiencing the extraordinary, all at a global level!



With the Making Contact Documentary, Master Class, you will be taken deep into the minds of renowned ufologists, scientists, and their world-changing discoveries.

With the Making Contact Documentary, Chronicles, you will meet the the ordinary who are experiencing the extraordinary, as they share their contact experience stories,